Welcome to the Table

Many Deaf people have never been invited to the Lord’s table.

Every Deaf person has a right to Scripture in their own sign language.

You can make this happen!

Sign Language Bible Translation & Resources

Deaf Believers Reaching Bibleless Deaf Peoples

Action Bible Sign Language

Deaf people are dying without God’s Word

Deaf people everywhere must have access to God’s Word in their sign language

God will use your involvement to lead Deaf people into His Kingdom

Together, we will see lives transformed through God’s Word in every sign language

Make an eternal difference for Deaf people around the world.

Give them the Gift
of God’s Word
in sign languages

70 Million Deaf People Will Have Access to the Gospel

Deaf Believers Will Reach Bibleless Deaf People

Life Transformation Will Happen Through God’s Word in Every Signed Language

Equip Deaf Believers to Reach
Bibleless Deaf Peoples Worldwide